Restauran la Aldaba

Restaurant La Aldaba, space offers the typical dishes of the region, with samples of Cuban and international cuisine to suit all tastes. Our specialty Cordero a La Aldaba o Pollo a lo Carmen let them know the ancient taste of the culinary tradition of central Cuba. You only order we are pleased!

cocteleria la aldaba cubano

If you are tired and thirsty after a long journey or local walk, nothing like delight a nice refreshing drink that will restore and make you feel happy, Mojito Cubano, Cubata, Daiquiri, Cuba Libre, Coffee or whatever you like what you will find here. A good place to enjoy a good Cuban cigar waiting for dinner. Bar La Aldaba awaits.

staff restaurant cocina criolla

Neither major titles or awards only last tradition from generation to generation hands of grandmothers in the home food in their daily lives, the secret of the species and regional ingredients is the dazzling key that flavor you will not find any another place. A smiling young boys service makes our staff makes you feel in glory.

In passing, we lunch the best meal we had in Cuba!!!!